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Aquarian Blood - "II" [ZP031]

Image of Aquarian Blood - "II" [ZP031]


Compact Cassette
Limited Edition of 100
Grey Cover / Gunmetal Tape

1. Long Way Down (Berlin Wall)
2. High School Diary
3. Call The Uncle
4. More of the Same
5. Knock Yerself Out
6. Everybody Likes It
7. Naked Intruder (Knife of Mobile Bay)
8. What I See Is What You Get
9. Dickhead Cops
10.No Vacancy
11.Stranded With a Mannequin
12.Holiday Heatwave
13.Bigfoot (Sighting The Beast)
14.Kickin' D's, Shreddin' E's
15.Savage Daughter

Sold Out