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Michael & The Earlobes - "No More Goldfish" [ZP017]

Image of Michael & The Earlobes - "No More Goldfish" [ZP017]


Compact Cassette (C27)
Limited Edition of 50
Dark Orange Cover / Clear Tape

Originally Issued by Martha Records on CD-R, 2002

1. Just Pretend
2. Alabama Albert and the Schoolhouse Quartet perform "El Balientes," in G Minor
3. Faerieland
4. No More Goldfish (Don't Jump)
5. Get Well Soon (An Ode to Chuck)
6. Everybody's Doing the Chemotherapy!
7. The Legend of Sir Arthur Raine and Daniel Quinn in the Forest of Massachoosi
8. Zealot Colgate For Point-0
9. Talkin' Dizzy Cologne Blues
10.Do It Yourself
11.A Tale of Two Cities
12.Zealot Colgate Five Point-1

Sold Out