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Thee Noise Explosion - "Thee Noise Explosion" [ZP018]

Image of Thee Noise Explosion - "Thee Noise Explosion" [ZP018]


Compact Cassette (C62)
Limited Edition of 50
Red Cover / Yellow Tape

Cassette re-release of ZP007 plus a B-side of new tracks

1. I Slipped on the Floor & Done Killed Myself
2. Entwistle's Hymn
3. Sixstep
4. Swami Salami
5. Black Market Baby
6. Por-Gua-Car
7. Song for Nick Drake (RIP)
8. I Am The Destroyer
9. Nazghul Parade
10.Raj Hammer
11.Ringo Radio Interception
12.Yo Mama So Heavy
13.Aqui! Aqui!
14. White Water Rafting
15.In The Hall of Thee Dead One
16.Breathing Mountains

Sold Out