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Various Artists - "a ZAP Cassettes Sampler" [ZP014]

Image of Various Artists - "a ZAP Cassettes Sampler" [ZP014]


Compact Cassette (C62)
Limited Edition of 100
Green Cover / White Tape

1. "Spare Room" by Bass Drum of Death (Oxford, MS)
2. "U.S. Leather" by Lil Daggers (Miami, FL)
3. "I Won't Tell" by Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction (Atlanta, GA)
4. "Six Step" by Thee Noise Explosion (Macon, GA)
5. "Freak Out" by Cobalt Cranes (Los Angeles, CA)
6. "Evil Ocean" by El Fossil (Atlanta, GA)
7. "A Few Marx For Excellence" by Doppel Gang (Atlanta, GA)
8. "Radio Rhonda" by Pirate Fucking Radio (Augusta, GA)
9. "Leave That Guy Alone" by Cars Can Be Blue (Athens, GA)
10."You" by Predator (Atlanta, GA)
11."Shuffle and Ride" by Abby Go Go (Atlanta, GA)
12."No More Goldfish" by Michael and the Earlobes (Los Angeles, CA)
13."Witching Hour" by GG King (Atlanta, GA)
14."Hang Up" by Pinche Gringo (Greensboro, NC)
15."Paradise" by Pipsqueak (San Francisco, CA)
16."Stick" by Shining Path (Montgomery, AL)
17."Trilogy (Circa 2007)" by Water Bears (St. Louis, MO)
18."Little Freaky Girl Like You" by The Humms (Athens, GA)
19."Up in Smoke" by Tom Cheshire w/ West End Motel (Atlanta, GA)
20."Weed Verse The Narc" by Vegan Coke (Atlanta, GA)
21."Hatman" by Cult of Riggonia (Riggonia)

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