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Zak M. - "Are You Having Fun?!" [ZP022]

Image of Zak M. - "Are You Having Fun?!" [ZP022]


Compact Cassette
Limited Edition of 100
Lime Cover / Lime Tape

Recorded 2012-2013 in St. Louis, MO

1. Don't Call Me Hon, Hon
2. Wine With Dinner
3. Don't Call Me Buddy, Buddy
4. Don't Call Me (Shook Waltz)
5. Begging Dog
6. Just Ask Me a Question
7. Confidence Boost
8. The Idiot List
9. Winter Song
10.How Do You Like Me Now?
11.Any Old Time
12.Wreck on the Highway
13.Loose Cannon (Blues For Thomas)
14.Fat Tuesday
15.Too Little, Too Late
16.Dance Song
17.Fishing for Compliments
18.Chocolate Bunny
19.Ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly
20.Philanderer, at Last ;-)
30.Endless Vacation Summer Waltz: Skins & Squares
31.Endless Vacation Summer Waltz: ("Cold, Cold Heart Crybaby Epic Diva Mix"
32.Endless Vacation Summer Waltz 3 - Someone Else

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